John Edwards Trial Now Set for April

Mar 2, 2012

After several delays the criminal trial against former North Carolina Senator John Edwards is expected to begin in April.

Jeff Tiberii: On Thursday in federal court, Judge Catherine Eagles said Edwards’s heart condition has moved to the management stage. The two-time presidential candidate has been undergoing treatment for an unspecified ailment. Prosecution and defense attorneys also spent part of the day arguing about how the jury should be instructed. The defense wanted several pieces of testimony barred from the trial. The judge said that it sounds like a lot of the issues in question will be admissible. She also said she will not preclude the government from specifically mentioning anything in opening statements. Edwards was indicted last year on six counts of campaign finance violations. The Government contends he used more than 900-thousand dollars of contributions to hide an extra-marital affair and a child he fathered. The defense asserts that no laws were broken and this case could set a dangerous precedent. Barring any further delays jury selection begins April 12th and opening arguments are April 23rd