‘Jailed To Death’: An Investigation Into Mistreatment In NC Jails

Aug 10, 2017

New report by News & Observer exposes unjust treatment of inmates in NC.
Credit Alex Van / Pixabay, Creative Commons

In the past five years, 51 inmates in county jails across the state have died after poor supervision from jailers, according to a report by The News & Observer. 

The report reveals that authorities did not make timely checks on inmates, left in place items that could help inmates kill themselves, or did not repair broken cameras and telecoms that would allow them to observe and communicate with inmates. The report also found that some deaths go unreported because of loopholes in regulations that allow jailers to avoid reporting deaths to the state Department of Health and Human Services if the inmate dies outside the facility.

Host Frank Stasio talks with Dan Kane, investigative reporter for The News & Observer, about the series “Jailed to Death.”