'I've Heard Some People Say 'I Had A Special Teacher.' I Have You.'

May 19, 2014

Consandra Jones and Kathleen Walchle
Credit StoryCorps

WUNC is in the midst of a yearlong examination of what it's like to be an educator, called the North Carolina Teacher Project. This week, we're returning to the My Teacher series, exploring what it takes to make a connection in the classroom by asking students to interview their teachers.

The StoryCorps mobile booth left Durham yesterday after a month of gathering conversations from North Carolina to archive at the Library of Congress.

One of those conversations was between a literacy tutor, Kathleen Walchle and her student, Consandra Jones. Consandra says there was always something holding her back from reading and writing proficiently. But that changed when she met Kathleen.

Consandra Jones and Kathleen Walchle met at the Durham Literacy Center.  Their conversation was recorded at the StoryCorps mobile booth in Durham, and heard here as part of the My Teacher series. The theme music for the series was created by high school students at the Chapel Hill Beat-Making Lab.