How to Travel the World, Have a Successful Career, And Be Happily Married

Feb 14, 2013

'The Violin' painting by Juan Grix
Credit Juan Gris

To the Soundtrack of a Violin

Dick speaks with Toby and Itzhak Perlman about their marriage of 46 years, and how they met at music camp and became friends listening to classical music on records.

Being married, they say, is constant work and one way they managed it was to always be a family. Their five children went on tour with them and so days were filled with grocery shopping and playgrounds, which grounded them. And then the music was always there to help them take flight.

Illegal Mail and Love Notes

A story from the Blunt Youth Radio Project about the rules at Maine's Long Creek Youth Development Center, which include no note passing. The young people there hate the rule and share their thoughts with youth reporter Jacorey.

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