How Social Media Helped Inform (And Misinform) During The Boston Bombing Manhunt

Apr 22, 2013

People used social media to spread information about the Boston Bombings investigation.
Credit The Story

As news of the Boston Marathon bombings emerged, people at the scene took pictures, tweeted and shared police wanted posters on their phones.

On this edition of The Story, guest host Sean Cole sits down with Brooke Gladstone, host of NPR's On the Media, to figure out what people got right and what they got wrong. She says it’s normal for people to want to know everything right away, but that stories have to be in context and checked out.

Hear this interview on The Story's site. Also in this show: Nick Flynn, a poet and writer who grew up in and around Boston, reads a poem about the Boston Marathon; and host Dick Gordon speaks with Benoit Rolland about making bows for violin, viola and cello.