House Passes Abortion Teaching Bill

Jun 27, 2013

Credit Dave Crosby / flickr

Lawmakers in the state House have passed a bill that would require seventh graders and above to learn that abortions are a risk factor for pre-term births.

A Democratic representative introduced an amendment to the bill that called abortion and other factors risks rather than causes. The amendment passed.

But other Democrats said 7th graders were too young to be learning about abortions in school. Republican Representative Jim Fulghum of Raleigh says that's not true.

"Four thousand abortions were done in 2009, according to the CDC, under the age of 15. Children are having abortions. Children are sexually active. You don't believe your 12-year-old's driving your car, you better wake up. You don't believe that nine and ten-year-old's experimenting with sex, you better wake up," said Fulgum.

The bill has already passed the Senate. But now the Senate will have to approve the changes House lawmakers have made to the bill.