House Lawmakers Override Abortion Bill Veto

Jul 26, 2011

State lawmakers in the House have overturned the governor's veto of a bill that would place additional restrictions on abortions.

Legislators voted 72 to 47 yesterday to resurrect the bill. It would require women to receive state counseling and an ultrasound before undergoing the procedure. Republican representative Ruth Samuelson is one of the bill's sponsors. She says the measure will help women make better decisions.

Ruth Samuelson: "That's what this bill is ultimately about. Respecting women enough to give them the time and the information that they need to counter the noise in their heads, from the sisters, the boyfriends, the parents, the media, and maybe even the protesters outside the clinic."
Lawmakers opposed to overturning the bill say the state counseling it would mandate shames women. They also point out the bill doesn't address issues of rape or incest. In a statement released last night, Governor Perdue says she remains opposed to the bill. It now goes to the Senate.