House Democrats Say Republicans Refuse Funding For Employee

Jul 15, 2014

Credit Dave DeWitt / WUNC

Democratic leaders in the state House say Speaker Thom Tillis has refused to release funds for a full-time employee to manage their legislative operations. Minority Leader Larry Hall says he's had to let the Democratic caucus chief of staff go because Tillis would not release enough funding for that position to last past July 1st.

"Speaker Tillis has decided to defund the House Democratic Caucus. Now keep in mind these funds are funds that are allocated for the budget in this cycle, were voted on and approved by the governor, and traditionally the party in power has funded the other party and provided a minimal level at least of staffing support," said Hall.

Hall says at the beginning of the session, he was initially told he wouldn't have funding at all for the staff position because of his stand against new Legislative Building rules that clarify what protesters can and cannot do inside the building. The House Republican leadership has not responded to Hall's comments.