Fight Over Hofmann Forest Not Over Yet

Aug 13, 2014

The Hofmann Forest was named for Julius Hofmann, the founder of the Department of Forestry at NC State.
Credit Historical State, NCSU Libraries

A resolution may come soon in the case of the Hofmann Forest sale.

N.C. State University is trying to sell the 80,000-acre coastal forest. Opponents say the land serves many vital conservation purposes and should not be sold. 

Since a Wake County Superior Court judge threw out the case last November, opponents have launched two online petitions, flooded the Attorney General’s office with 4,000 emails, and placed hundreds of yard signs across the Triangle and eastern North Carolina.

They contend that Hofmann Forest is state land and should remain a site for forestry research and timber sales. N.C. State has a deal in place to sell the land for $150 million to an individual who operates several corporate farms in the Midwest.

N.C. State says it will use the proceeds to fund research and other activities at the College of Natural Resources.

The State Appeals Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments on August 26.