Fayetteville Tech To Launch Veterans Center

Apr 17, 2013

Credit Fayetteville Tech Community College

Veterans who want to go back to school will soon have access to academic counseling and career advice through a new program at Fayetteville Technical Community College.  The school has purchased a building on Fort Bragg Road to serve as a veterans center on campus.  President Larry Keen says veterans will be given special assessments and mentoring to help them graduate, get work, or start a new business.

“We have a number of programs like that at our college - and then we work with a variety of other institutions so we can help nurture and stimulate growth of new business development as well,” Keen says. “That has happened frequently at Fayetteville tech and other parts of NC because veterans have come out with good ideas that serve needs both in the private and public sectors and we want to be poised to assist them in that process if that's their interest.””

Keen says administrators hope to launch the program sometime next year.