Eight N.C. Schools Up for Charter Renewals

Dec 9, 2013

Eight North Carolina charter schools are up for consideration for 2014 renewals.

N.C. schools with charter terms coming to an end go through a renewal process that involves a review of their governance, fiscal history and academics.
Credit Flickr via Cynthia Ahrens / Flickr

Representatives of the schools will present in front of the newly formed Charter School Advisory Board today and Tuesday to address concerns that the board might have regarding the schools' fulfillment of academic and fiscal standards.

In North Carolina, public charter schools must seek renewals every ten years, though some receive shorter terms because of compliance problems.

This year, the board reviewed 12 schools up for renewals, four of which passed. The remaining eight, which are presenting this week, were asked to come back for further review.

Joel Medley, director of the Office of Charter Schools, and says the advisory board will take many things into consideration. 

“They look at the academics, they look at whether the school is compliant with the law, they look at whether the board is properly functioning and then they make those determinations,” he said. “So, the end of the charter term is a natural cycle and that's why they're going through it in order to have the school renewed to be open for 10 more years.”

The Office of Charter Schools recommended five-year renewals for Carter Community, Dillard Academy, Research Triangle Academy and Torchlight Academy.

It didn’t recommend a renewal for Coastal Academy for Technology and Science, and recommended either non-renewals or three-year conditional renewals for Guilford Preparatory, PACE Academy and Kestrel Heights. 

Once the advisory board votes and gives its own opinion, the issue will then go before the State Board of Education for a final decision.