DOT Planning for Future of Biking, Walking

Mar 19, 2012

State officials are asking for public input as they prepare a statewide bicycle and pedestrian plan.

Jeff Tiberii: There are more than 3-thousand miles of existing bike routes in North Carolina. Officials at the Department of Transportation want to add better signage, as well as a useful website with maps of the trails. Julia Casadonte says the state last updated the plan 15 years ago. She notes the state's population has grown significantly during that time.

Julia Casadonte: We really want to know what communities want out of this process, and what they want in terms of bicycling and walking opportunities within their own community. So their voice is going to be very important.

Casadonte says the approach is to look at bicycle and pedestrian pathways as a tool for economic development and improved public health. The plan will be developed over a 12-month period. The opportunity for public input extends through April 6th.