Dick Gordon And Interpreter Ahmed Fadaam Recall Baghdad After U.S. Invasion

Apr 9, 2013

Ahmed worked with Dick Gordon over 10 days of reporting in Baghdad. They continued to collaborate for several years.
Credit Ahmed Fadaam

Ten years ago today, the massive statute of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad was toppled, and there was a feeling that a new country was ready to rise. The past decade has seen continuous war and violence: at first there were U.S. troops and now there are constant bombings and attacks between factions.

Host Dick Gordon covered the days after the U.S. invasion with his translator Ahmed Fadaam. They recall the destruction, and we hear reports from that time. Then, they call back to Iraq and talk to two Iraqis about life there now.

Hear this conversation at The Story's website. Also in this show: A gallery of Ahmed's illustrations based on his reports from Baghdad. And the stories of Khalid Ansari, who still thinks of the deaths he witnessed during the war; and Mohammed Hafudh, a civil servant in the oil industry who plans to run for office to try and reform the government.