Cooper Objects to Moving SBI

May 27, 2011

Attorney General Roy Cooper objects to the part of the North Carolina Senate's budget proposal that includes an overhaul of the State Bureau of Investigation. The spending plan released this week directs the SBI to move out from under the Attorney General's supervision. A cabinet-level secretary would oversee the bureau and the state crime lab. Some lawmakers have called for the move in light of more than 200 mishandled cases at the SBI's blood unit. Cooper says moving the SBI to another law enforcement agency would not satisfy critics.

Roy Cooper: "The move that they are making is the entire State Bureau of Investigation, which includes all of the field agents and the agents who investigate public corruption. This is bad public policy regardless of who is attorney general, who is governor, or who is in the legislative leadership."

The Senate Appropriations Committee has approved the budget. It goes before the full chamber for a vote next week.