Coble Uncertain About Running Again

Dec 29, 2011

Howard Coble, R-Greensboro
Credit US House of Representatives

Congressman Howard Coble says he’s ready to get back to work after spending the last two weeks in the hospital.

Congressman Coble is planning to report to work in Washington by mid-January.  But that’s all he’s sure of right now.   The 80-year-old Republican is still contemplating re-election.

Leoneda Inge:  "Are you still planning to run for re-election?"

Howard Coble:  "Well, I’m leaning that way now.  I want to see how the final re-drawn map looks, that’s in litigation right now. And I want to see how I recover from the hospital, so far, so good."

Coble was hospitalized in Washington D-C on December 13th with a cold that turned into an upper respiratory illness that depleted his sodium levels.  Meanwhile, the fight continues over North Carolina’s new district lines. Coble’s 6th District could consist of eight new counties.  But it still leans Republican.