CMS Schools Searching For New Leader

Apr 9, 2012

The second-largest school district in North Carolina is close to choosing a new leader. The search for a new superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools enters a public phase this week.

Dave DeWitt: In this politically-charged era, superintendents are often interviewed and hired in secret. That’s especially true in large, urban districts. That’s how the search began in Charlotte, as the top dozen or so candidates met with the school board behind closed doors at the airport. But the secrecy ends this week, as the three finalists for the top job will not only be revealed, they will answer questions together in a public forum. The two-day whirlwind includes interviews with various parent groups and elected officials. The last time Wake County conducted a search for a superintendent, the school board didn’t release the candidates’ names until a final choice, Tony Tata, was hired.