Clean Energy Durham Turns Five

Nov 19, 2012

 An organization in Durham that set out to help locals save on their energy bills is expanding its reach.    Clean Energy Durham is five years old.  The small non-profit developed a creative energy-saving model that trains organizations and neighborhood groups and encourages them to tell a neighbor.

Judy Kincaid:  "It builds community within neighborhoods, between neighborhoods and it saves people money."

Judy Kincaid is Executive Director of Clean Energy Durham.

Judy Kincaid:  "One of the really exciting things is when we get folks from some of our more low wealth neighborhoods coming up to us saying, wow, that thing really works.  I have been saving 50 to 100 dollars a month on my bill."

Kincaid says at least two-thousand Durham households have gone through their workshops. The initiative has expanded outside of Durham and is now serving households in Siler City, Wilson and Warrenton.