Charter School Bill Closer to Governor's Desk

Apr 8, 2011

A bill that would lift the current limit of one hundred charter schools in North Carolina has tentatively passed the state House.

The bill would allow the addition of up to fifty charter schools every year. It has been the subject of hours of debate, discussion and even compromise in committees. But lawmakers were still wrangling over the bill on the House floor yesterday. House Majority Leader Paul Stam told the body he was growing impatient.

"Every reasonable objection has been accommodated. It is time to set the children and their parents who attend charters free to seek an excellent education without two hands tied behind their back. "

The bill now includes a provision that would assist some low-income students with transportation and also provide meals. Minority Leader Joe Hackney told lawmakers he remained against the measure. He pointed out the bill is opposed by nearly every public school advocacy group in the state.