Chapel Hill Cell Phone Ban Fails

Mar 13, 2012

The Chapel Hill town council failed to approve a cell phone ban on motorists at last night’s meeting.

Leoneda Inge:  The vote was four-to-four, one council member was absent.  This was the first reading of the controversial ordinance that would ban motorists from talking on cell phones except in an emergency.  Councilwoman Penny Rich introduced the ordinance.  She says she’s glad there will be another vote.

Penny Rich:  I’m actually encouraged that we got four votes for a total ban, I thought that we would not get any votes for a total ban so, that was hands free and hand-held. That was an encouraging vote for me.

The “no” votes came from council members who are concerned about legal issues that could arise because of such a ban.   The state attorney general’s office says Chapel Hill does not have the authority to enact a cell phone ban on motorists