Cary Loses Indie Film Landmark

Nov 12, 2012

Lovers of independent and foreign film have lost a landmark. Cary's Galaxy Cinema is closed as of today. A developer reportedly plans to replace the theater with a Harris Teeter supermarket. Meena Jeyakumar is president of Hum Sub, a local Indian-American cultural organization. She says the Galaxy became a cultural hub for her community.

Meena Jeyakumar: "With no theaters around currently now which are screening Indian-American movies, it will be a big loss to our community. Unless of course we have other theaters who are willing to allocate some time for screening of our movies. Our community is not so big where you can have a regular screening, like a 7 day a week. The community is small enough that we just want something with a few shows."

Jeyakumar says the Galaxy brought in not just popular Bollywood films in Hindi, but hosted private screenings of films in India's other regional languages. She hopes the theater can be saved somehow. Cary has enough Harris Teeters, she says.