Building A Guitar From Scratch

Jan 12, 2016

Terry Fritz had two loves for most of his life: playing guitar and woodworking. During a job change in 2006, a friend suggested he marry those two passions as a luthier. Fritz quickly fell in love with the process – the properties of wood necessary for a good guitar, how to fasten the neck, the geometry that shapes the timbre of an acoustic guitar, etc.

He also met a friend, Alex Edney, who shared his enthusiasm for guitar-making. They joined Fritz’s technical expertise and Edney’s creative eye at Fritz & Edney Guitars in Summerfield, N.C. They will host a week-long class from February 21-27 to teach participants how to build a guitar from scratch under their direction.

Host Frank Stasio talks with luthier Terry Fritz. Fritz and Edney provided the music for this show.