Big Test At DNC For "Extraordinary Event" Ordinance

Aug 21, 2012

Thousands of political activists, journalists and delegates soon will convene on Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention.  Charlotte’s “Extraordinary Event” ordinance remains a hot topic.

Leoneda Inge:  The North Carolina American Civil Liberties Union and the City of Charlotte have never been able to agree on all of the rules listed in the relatively new “Extraordinary Event” Ordinance.  Chris Brook, legal director of the state ACLU, is least fond of the rule prohibiting back-packs.

Chris Brook:  That could lead to standard-less searches or profiling.  And more broadly measures like that could chill people’s First Amendment Rights.

Charlotte City Attorney Bob Hagemann says he wants citizens to know their First Amendment rights.

Bob Hagemann:  Hopefully they’ll gain an appreciation and recognition of how the city has to balance that with other legitimate needs including security. And the fact that we need to run a city that’s going to be hosting this large convention.

One of the biggest tests to the ordinance may come a couple of days before the Democratic National Convention begins when the “Coalition to Protest Wall Street South” holds a march.