Americana Musician Tokyo Rosenthal Releases Music And Memoir

Jan 8, 2016

As Tokyo Rosenthal has grown older, he has had more and more conversations about death and dying. He’s also watched close friends and family members fall ill. All of this inspired his latest album “Afterlife”—a meditation on end-of-life issues released last September.

In addition to his music, Rosenthal has also been working on a memoir that documents the almost 10-year period that he conned his way into a fully-credentialed press pass to Yankee Stadium. During that time he witnessed World Series victories and got up close and personal with legendary baseball players like Reggie Jackson and Thurman Munson.

Although he never had a formal assignment, he took many photographs that he has since compiled into “A Fauxtographer’s Yankee Stadium Memoir” (BookBaby/2015).

Host Frank Stasio talks with Tokyo Rosenthal about his music and memoir.