All Things Tech at CED Conference

Apr 27, 2011

Hundreds of technology entrepreneurs and investors are in Raleigh for the C-E-D Venture Conference.  Start-ups are hoping for a break in the down economy.  

 Eric Boggs is the founder and C-E-O of Argyle Social.  His company develops social media marketing software for online retailers, small businesses and agencies so they can better connect with customers on social platforms like Facebook.   Boggs says he can tell the economy is giving way to better days.

Eric Boggs:  "And since January we have grown our revenue five times, since January through this month.  So we’ve grown quite a bit, just over the last three or four months."

Boggs says he hopes to keep that momentum going while pitching Argyle Social to investors at the C-E-D Venture Conference. The conference will showcase about 75 technology companies in a special Demo Room in hot tech sectors like business analytics and digital media.