3 Things To Know About Voting In NC

Oct 24, 2014

Election Day is Tuesday Nov. 4, 2014
Credit Ludovic Bertron / Flickr/Creative Commons

Here are the top three questions the volunteers at ncvoterguide.org are currently being asked:

1. Is it too late to register to vote?

Yes, it is too late to register. If you didn't register, you can't vote.

2. Do I need any identification to vote?

You do not need any identification to vote. That is due to change in 2016, but for now, just show up.

3. Where do I vote?

On Election Day itself, November 4, you must vote at your polling place. Where is that? Plug your address in here and find out:

Bonus tip: Once you are inside the voting booth, smart phones are not allowed! It has to do with a longstanding prohibition of electronic recording devices. So, do your research before you step inside the booth.