Anita Rao

Producer, "The State of Things"

Anita Rao is a producer for The State of Things, WUNC's daily, live talk show that features the issues, personalities and places of North Carolina. She fell in love with interviewing and storytelling as a Women's Studies and International Studies major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and began her radio career at WUNC as an intern for the nationally distributed public radio program The Story. From 2011 - 2014, she worked for the Peabody Award-winning StoryCorps Production department, where she pitched, edited and produced conversations from across the nation--from Chicago, IL to Pineville, North Carolina.  

Anita was born in a small coal-mining town in Northeast England but spent most of her life growing up in Iowa and has a fond affection for the Midwest. She loves excessively-long dinner parties and hopes to one day live up to her mom's nickname, "Sheila, The Chocolate Eater."


12:10 pm
Thu September 18, 2014

Climate Change Threatens North Carolina’s Birds

American Oystercatcher
National Audubon Society, Meryl Lorenzo


Climate change will likely alter the migratory routes and habitats of more than half of the birds in North America, according to new study published by the National Audubon Society.

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The State of Things
11:28 am
Wed September 17, 2014

Finding Truth Somewhere In Between

Cast Members In Raleigh's Theatre In The Park's Production of Somewhere In Between
Theatre In The Park

A new play premiering at Raleigh's Theatre In The Park encourages viewers to question their notions of love, truth and sexuality. 

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The State of Things
11:21 am
Wed September 17, 2014

The Men Who Were Left Behind

A debut novel by Katy Simpson Smith about the men left behind in late 18th Century America.
Credit Katy Simpson Smith


At the end of the 18th century it was very common for women to die during childbirth. 

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The State of Things
12:16 pm
Fri September 12, 2014

A Memoir of Politics, Sex, AIDS, and Survival

Veteran AIDS activist Sean Strub authored the memoir "BODY COUNTS: A Memoir of Activism, Sex, and Survival."
Credit Sean Strub


Sean Strub is best known as the founder of POZ magazine and the first openly HIV-positive person to run for Congress. 

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The State of Things
12:46 pm
Thu September 11, 2014

Scottish Independence Vote Stirs Up Centuries-Old Questions

Scotland votes on its independence in a referendum on September 18th.
Credit Flickr/Lawrence OP




The people of Scotland will vote next week on whether to become an independent country. 

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The State of Things
12:17 pm
Thu September 11, 2014

NC Photographer Uses Pinup Photos As A Way For Women To Appreciate Their Bodies

Pinup Art by Iman Woods
Iman Woods

Pinup photography gained popularity in the 1940s when glamorous photos of women were made into posters for soldiers to take to war. Painted versions of pinup girl images even appeared on the noses of military aircrafts. But the mass-produced pinups lost popularity throughout the last half-century.

Now, one North Carolina photographer, Iman Woods, is reviving the pinup technique.

Woods struggled with body image and weight issues throughout her life and discovered that photography transformed her perception of herself.

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The State of Things
11:49 am
Tue September 9, 2014

Bureaucracy Turned On Its Head

Artist Stacey Kirby playing the part of a Local Declarations Officer in the performance art piece The Declaration Project.
Stacey Kirby

Artist Stacey Kirby transformed CAM Raleigh’s Media Lab into the “Bureau of Personal Belonging”—a series of interactive performance art installations that explore themes of belonging, identity and validity. 

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The State of Things
12:13 pm
Thu September 4, 2014

Chronicling The Fall of The Iron Curtain Through Art

The company of the Burning Coal Theatre Company production of David Edgar’s Pentecost
Jason Dail

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent collapse of communism in Eastern Europe.
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The State of Things
11:46 am
Tue September 2, 2014

Searching For The Man Behind The Myth

Roger Guenveur Smith in his solo show, "Rodney King"
Credit Patti McGuire

Rodney King gained overnight notoriety when videos surfaced of him being violently beaten by Los Angeles police officers. 

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The State of Things
12:37 pm
Thu August 28, 2014

Decline of Black Political Power in the South

The New Racism: a recent cover story in The New Republic that traces the consequences of the decline of black political power in the South.
Credit The New Republic


The percentage of black state legislators in the South that serve in the majority party has declined rapidly in the past 10 years—from 99 percent in 1994 to 4.8 percent today.

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