How to Make a Gift of Securities

If the stock is held in a brokerage account:

North Carolina Public Radio-WUNC is a department of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Therefore, please instruct your broker to transfer the shares to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  

We'll use the date that the shares enter our account as your gift date, and credit you with the average market value on that date. We also ask that you contact Jennifer Fusco to let her know that you are making a stock gift. Very often, stock is transferred into the UNC-CH account without information that indicates the donor's name or that the gift is designated to WUNC. Jennifer will make sure that your stock gift is correctly attributed to you and designated to North Carolina Public Radio-WUNC.  

Brokerage: Wells Fargo Advisors
Account Name: UNC-Chapel Hill
Account Number: 89994225
DTC Number: 0141
Contact: Jennifer Fusco 919-445-9112

If the stock certificate is in your possession:
All you need to do is sign a stock power and have it signature guaranteed.  Any bank official can provide this service for you.  Then mail the certificate and the stock power to Jennifer Fusco at the address below in separate envelopes for security.  We'll use the postmark for the gift date, and credit you with the average market value on that date.

If you have a certificate that represents more shares than you wish to donate, we will need your social security number and a letter detailing how many shares you wish to donate and how many shares should be re-issued in your name.  It generally takes 4 to 6 weeks for you to receive your new certificate.

IRA Charitable Rollover Gift Option:
This gift option may allow you to directly transfer some or all of your required minimum distribution directly to the WUNC-FM and avoid income tax consequences. [More Information]

Jennifer Fusco's Contact Information:
Phone:     919-445-9112
Address:  120 Friday Center Drive
                  Chapel Hill, NC  27517