Camp Lejeune Barracks Apartment Posted On Craigslist

Jul 30, 2014
Lead in text: 

Someone has posted an apartment on Craigslist that looks suspiciously like the Camp Lejeune barracks. The "lovely" space is located in a "gated community with 24-hour private security." The ad also touts the "active community with running trails" and "motivation specialists to encourage you along your way." Other amenities include a courtesy wake-up service at or around 0530. "Extremely short commute to work!!!," the ad notes. Read the listing:

July 29th, 2014 | Battle Rattle Camp Lejeune | Posted by Gina Harkins Marines who are preparing for a permanent change of station to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, might be trolling Craigslist for housing. Well, this listing might have everything you're looking for - or perhaps everything you're hoping to escape.

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