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Elections and voting experts testified before the state House Elections Committee Wednesday, just one day after a public hearing that lasted hours. Republican leaders have said they plan to introduce a bill that would require voters to present photo IDs at the polls. They say it would help fight voter fraud. But Bob Hall of Democracy North Carolina says voter fraud isn't a problem in North Carolina. He told lawmakers if it is, then they should investigate and document it.

Several dozen people spoke before the state House Elections Committee yesterday at the General Assembly to express their opinions about a proposed voter ID measure. Committee leaders say they plan to bring forth a measure that would require voters to bring photo IDs with them to the polls. Jo Nicholas is with the League of Women Voters.

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Fracking is an inevitability in North Carolina since the legislature lifted a fracking moratorium, but questions remain as to the risk and what will be done with the waste.

Republican leaders in the state House say they’re committed to bringing forth a bill that would require all state residents to present photo identification in order to vote. They say they know some voting rights advocates are opposed to any kind of photo ID bill. That’s why they’re rolling out a schedule of public hearings and meetings before introducing a specific measure. Speaker of the House Thom Tillis told a news conference that he and other House members are committed to going through a careful and deliberative process as they put together a Voter ID bill:

Lawmakers have passed a bill that would require voters to show photo identification at the polls.

State senators passed the bill as expected last night, but not before more than an hour of spirited debate. Republican Buck Newton told lawmakers requiring voters to bring ID with them to the polls will help combat instances of fraud.

A voter ID bill that would require residents to show photo identification cards at the polls continues to move through the legislature.

A bill in the legislature that would require North Carolinians to show a photo ID at the polls has become a flashpoint of controversy among lawmakers. The measure’s Republican sponsors say the bill aims to fight voter fraud and ensure that every vote is counted. But Democrats believe the proposal is a regressive measure aimed at keeping many of their supporters away from the polls.

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State Republicans plan to introduce a bill that would require voters in North Carolina to present identification… possibly photo identification… before casting votes. Republicans have tried to pass this sort of bill before. But they’ve been the minority party.  They will take over the House and Senate in January.