Voter ID

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5:55 am
Thu April 7, 2011

Voter ID Bill Moves Through Legislature

A voter ID bill that would require residents to show photo identification cards at the polls continues to move through the legislature.

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Politics & Government
6:00 am
Thu March 17, 2011

Voter ID Bill Causes Controversy In Legislature

A bill in the legislature that would require North Carolinians to show a photo ID at the polls has become a flashpoint of controversy among lawmakers. The measure’s Republican sponsors say the bill aims to fight voter fraud and ensure that every vote is counted. But Democrats believe the proposal is a regressive measure aimed at keeping many of their supporters away from the polls.

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Politics & Government
1:35 pm
Mon December 6, 2010

State GOP To Push Voter ID Bill

Rep. Tim Moore
Credit NC General Assembly

State Republicans plan to introduce a bill that would require voters in North Carolina to present identification… possibly photo identification… before casting votes. Republicans have tried to pass this sort of bill before. But they’ve been the minority party.  They will take over the House and Senate in January.

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