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The report aims at bringing a better balance between academics and sports at UNC at Chapel Hill.
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Over the past week, a new iteration of the UNC-Chapel Hill sports/academic scandal has been making headlines . It all started when Mary Willingham, an academic advisor for the school (she formerly worked with athletes, specifically), told CNN that she had worked with athletes who were functionally illiterate. She said she had looked into a series of tests the students are required to take their first semester at the school, and the tests revealed that many of the athletes had reading levels...

Yan Liang / Energy Frontier Research Center UNC-Chapel Hill

The Frontier Research Center at UNC-Chapel Hill has built a system that converts solar energy into fuel, so power can be used even after the sun sets. The US Department of Energy is funding the research. Instead of storing solar electricity in an expensive battery, researchers use the sun's energy to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. Two of the Center's papers about the process were recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Chemistry Professor Tom Meyer...

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We all like a good chuckle, but what if laughing was actually good for more than entertainment? Research from North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill indicates that laughter may be good for far more. In honor of that, here are some great comedy acts to laugh at. You can hear the State of Things show on the topic of humor here . Warning: Videos below may contain strong language or content. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yalb2uYVQvM Asiz Ansari is one...

Black Nativity is a Hollywood adaptation of Langston Hughes' gospel libretto.
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Originally a play by poet Langston Hughes, Black Nativity makes its big screen debut.

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Doctors are increasingly concerned by the risk of concussions in football and other sports. The National Football League Players Association is partnering with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Brain and Body Health Program and other universities to help better treat and evaluate former players for injury, particularly to the brain. Host Frank Stasio talks to Daniel Kaufer , an associate professor of neurology at UNC and a doctor in the Program; and Kathleen Seifert, executive...

2 children, box of gift. Drawing

Angel trees are in many places in our communities: churches, malls. Each ornament on the tree has a child's name on it, and a list of gifts the child would like for the holidays. Human "angels" take the tag, go shopping, and return some of those gifts wrapped and ready in time for the holidays.

A new start-up company is trying to update the model.

" CommuniGift " is an online platform, designed to make finding and shopping for needy children and families easier.

Unsung Founders Memorial, UNC-Chapel Hill
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Tim McMillan is a senior lecturer at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill's Department of African, African American and Diaspora Studies. He is also the creator of The Black and Blue Tour. In 2001 Tim was teaching a seminar called “Defining Blackness” when he realized how much of UNC’s own racial history went overlooked. He started the Black and Blue tour of the UNC campus to help people gain a more nuanced perspective. He knows these conversations can make people uncomfortable. “My...

Dean Smith Center, UNC Chapel Hill
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The University of North Carolina basketball program is considering renovating or possibly replacing the Dean Smith Center . The school's Athletic Director, Bubba Cunningham, would like to add premium seating to the arena. Similar changes were recently made to the football stadium in Chapel Hill to become what is now called the " Blue Zone ." Cunningham said the seats may largely pay for themselves. "The model that's working in football," said Cunningham, "... is we borrowed the money, then we...


On Saturday UNC Chapel Hill inducted its first female chancellor, Carol Folt . The former Dartmouth professor takes the reins during a pivotal time at the university. Academic fraud allegations , controversy over the institutions response to sexual assaults on campus and a looming budget crisis provide significant challenges for Folts first year. Host Frank Stasio speaks to Chancellor Folt about her background, vision and plans for the university.

UNC's Sylvia Hatchell Diagnosed With Leukemia

Oct 14, 2013
UNC Athletics

North Carolina womens basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell has been diagnosed with leukemia. In a release from the school Monday, Hatchell said she would temporarily step away from her coaching duties to focus on treatment. She said she would remain involved with the team and expected to return to my sideline responsibilities as soon as possible. The 61-yar-old Hatchell was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame last month. Shes preparing for her 28th season with the Tar...

The report aims at bringing a better balance between academics and sports at UNC at Chapel Hill.
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A panel of academic and athletic leaders have released a report aimed at re-defining the role of sports on campus at UNC-Chapel Hill . Committee members listed 28 recommendations they hope will help bring a better balance to school and sports on campus.

The suggestions range from ensuring that university leadership assume ultimate responsibility over athletics to cutting the number of hours students devote to competitive sports. The report also recommends that performance audits of...

The Southern Oral History Program mapped oral histories with DH Press in their project Mapping the Long Women’s Movement.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have developed an easy-to-use website-building tool that puts previously complex digital programming into the hands of historians and researchers. The new tool, called the Digital Humanities Toolkit or DH Press , provides a way for historians, researchers, teachers and others to create interactive websites, virtual tours, data maps and multimedia archives with a WordPress platform. It also organizes data in more easily searchable and intuitive ways, such as mapping. UNC-Chapel Hill’s Digital Innovation Lab (DIL) and its Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) collaborated on the new tool.

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College students began meeting their new roommates and unpacking boxes last week at several of the large universities in the Triangle and Triad. This year, the freshmen won’t be the only new faces on campus. Carol Folt began her first official day on the job as chancellor at UNC-Chapel Hill a little over a month and a half ago. She replaced Holden Thorp, who is now the provost at Washington University in Saint Louis. Folt comes to Carolina from Dartmouth. She’s the first woman to lead UNC...

Julius Chambers
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In 1948, William Chambers, a black maintenance worker in Montgomery County, NC was denied payment for a job by a white customer. William Chambers spent many afternoons searching for an attorney to represent him, but all the white lawyers he asked refused. William told this story to his son, Julius Chambers, who then vowed to become a lawyer and fight for justice. Julius Chambers dedicated his life to ending employment discrimination, school segregation, gerrymandering and other practices that...

Cover of the book 'Sounds of War: Music in the United States during World War II'.
Philip E Pascuzzo/National Archives / Oxford University Press

World War II was fought not only with guns and bombs but also with strings, brass, and percussion. The American government used classical music as part of the war effort to demonstrate the cultural dominance of the Allies. The military also used songs to rally American troops. Annegret Fauser , a Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, explores the use of music in conflict in her book, "Sounds of War: Music in the United States during World War II" (Oxford University...

A dorm at UNC-Chapel Hill.
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UNC Board of Governors members voted unanimously to cancel a policy allowing men and women to live together on the Chapel Hill campus. The vote nullified the UNC Chapel Hill trustee board's endorsement of gender neutral housing. Some male and female students were going to live together in 32 living spaces set aside in two dorms starting this month. But the board of governors said that arrangement would be inappropriate. Chairman Peter Hans says their consideration of the policy included the unfavorable opinions of some state lawmakers.

The pink ribbon is a symbol for breast cancer awareness.

UNC- Chapel Hill and Duke researchers will share national grant money to further breast cancer studies. Ten programs at the schools will get $3.6 million from the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The research will investigate causes and develop vaccines. Pam Kohl, the director of Komen's Triangle to the Coast affiliate, says this funding can be as important to scientists as it is to patients. Kohl points to Komen Scholar Kimberly Blackwell of Duke as one of those who benefited. "When she spoke at...

A screen shot from the Surge Guidance System shows storm surge data from Hurricane Sandy, which hit the east coast in October 2012.

Researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill are using storm surge data to give coastal communities a better idea of what they can expect during hurricanes. The university's Renaissance Computing Institute, or RENCI , has a network called the Surge Guidance System. It gathers intricate details of ocean activity to calculate where, how and when storm surge will affect certain areas. Scientists are now pushing that data to emergency management officials in towns and counties along the coast to help them make...

Jay Bryan speaking at the Carrboro Centennial.
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The small town of Carrboro was once a prominent mill town in the early to mid-1900s. But after all of the mills closed down and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill continued to grow, the town became a haven to students and an evolving arts scene.

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In a little less than a month, Hiroshima , Japan will reach a sad milestone. On August 6, 1945, the United States dropped one of only two atomic bombs ever used in an act of aggression. It leveled the city, killing an estimated 80,000 people outright.

Logo for ONE CALL, an HIV call center.
NC School of Public Health

A new statewide call center at UNC-Chapel Hill called ONE CALL will connect people diagnosed with HIV to the medical care, counseling, and other resources they need. More than three quarters of those living with HIV in North Carolina do not seek treatment. Those who do receive proper treatment have a normal life expectancy and are much less likely to pass the virus on the their partners.

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A group of researchers led by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Religion Professor Jodi Magness has unearthed a group of significant mosaics at an ancient synagogue in Galilee. The mosaics, which consist of hundreds of tiny stone cubes, depict scenes from in the Bible and have been dated to the fifth century. Magness is co-directing the excavation of the late Roman/Byzantine synagogue with Shua Kisilevitz of the Israel Antiquities Authority. They began the dig in 2011 with a crew of...

College Baseball World Series in Omaha
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UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State will both try to avoid elimination tonight when they meet in the College World Series. This is the fifth match-up of the season between these two rivals and the stakes don’t get much higher. UNC and State split a pair of regular season match-ups. The Tar Heels then won a classic 18-inning affair last month during the ACC Tournament. And the Wolfpack got the latest laugh with an 8-1 victory in the College World Series this past weekend. This tournament is double...

UNC professor Paul Jones located a Web page from 1991 on his old NeXT computer
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It might not be much to look at, but in the history of the World Wide Web, this image is a landmark. It's the earliest web page found so far, according to scientists at the nuclear research group CERN (the same organization that developed the Large Hadron Collider ) who are trying to locate the genesis of the Web. The page was brought to their attention by Paul Jones , a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

State Senate chamber
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Benjamin Franklin famously said, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." But in the North Carolina legislature, three competing plans seek to reform the tax code, and the future of these plans is all but certain. Two bills are waiting in the Senate Finance Committee. One bill passed the House yesterday and will move to the Senate.