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Business & Economy
8:31 am
Mon December 1, 2014

Agency Will Help North Carolinians Cover High Heating Bills Ahead

Utilities are expecting high energy bills in the face of another cold winter. DSS is helping people sign up for help paying their heating bills.
Credit RachelEllen via Flickr/Creative Commons

Forecasters are predicting another cold winter. 

The North Carolina Division of Social Services is accepting applications for the state's Low Income Energy Assistance Program.

Director Wayne Black says it's meant to help seniors, veterans and people with disabilities pay their heating bills.

“Demand is there every year for these programs, and we expect that to be the same this coming years as well,” Black said. “Obviously, how cold the winter is would have some impact as well in terms of persons coming in.”

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8:06 am
Thu December 19, 2013

Criminal Charges Dropped Against Durham Panhandlers

A Durham judge dropped charges against 14 people cited with panhandling illegally.

A judge in Durham dropped criminal charges Wednesday against 14 people who were cited for panhandling. Charges were filed under a new ordinance that makes it illegal to beg for money in parts of the city.

Chief District Court Judge Marcia Morey dropped the charges as part of the court’s effort to keep offenders out of jail under the condition they not violate the ordinance again and seek help with health, addiction, housing or employment issues.

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Politics & Government
5:01 am
Wed April 3, 2013

Bill Would Require Background Checks For Benefits

N.C. Legislative Building
Credit Dave DeWitt

A bill in the legislature would require county social services offices to conduct criminal background checks on people seeking and receiving federal benefits.

Right now, social services workers may ask applicants for food stamps or cash payments if they have any outstanding warrants. But they're not allowed to disclose that information to local law enforcement officials.

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8:35 am
Thu January 12, 2012

Report: State Failing Kids with Multiple Disabilities

A new study by Disability Rights North Carolina says the state is failing disabled children with complex treatment needs. Vicki Smith is the advocacy group's executive director. She says the state isn't following its own guidelines for treating children with both a mental illness and developmental disability.

Vicki Smith: These are kids, so there should be really good robust cooperation and collaboration between education and mental health and social services, because we have to treat the whole child.

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