RDU, Paris, Delta Air Lines
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The new non-stop Delta Air Lines flight to Paris, France from Raleigh-Durham International Airport took off without a hitch Thursday night. Community and business leaders celebrated along with Delta staff. They say the Paris flight is a sign North Carolina’s economy has rebounded since the recession, and is growing. The Delta Air Lines, RDU, Paris party consumed at least four gates. There were balloons, sweets from Cary’s La Farm Bakery and lots of pictures. But the real action was at gate C...


Public and private funds are now all accounted for to guarantee the new RDU to Paris flight takes off on time.

An American Airlines Boeing 777-200 from London-Gatwick landing at RDU in 2005.
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Officials at Raleigh Durham International Airport say coming infrastructure upgrades will not interfere with plans for a direct flight to Paris.

Duke University Opens Coastal Drone Lab

Aug 25, 2015
Drone in flight
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More and more drones are flying in North Carolina skies every day, and researchers at Duke University are beginning to explore how drones could benefit marine sciences. The school recently opened a research and training facility for students and professionals in Beaufort, N.C. where they hope to use drones to research nesting habits for birds and sea turtles. The new center is part of a growing interest in unmanned flight, both in North Carolina and around the country, however drones also...


There is a major push to bring a second Trans-Atlantic flight to Raleigh Durham International Airport. The Airport Authority wants it, the business community wants it, and so do travelers. But don’t hold your breath. Luring international flight service to RDU can be just as hard as trying to convince a major corporation to move here. Raleigh Durham International Airport or RDU gets to call itself an international airport mainly because of its regular flights to Toronto, London and Cancun. But...

Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

Updated Monday 3/24 12:15 p.m. The Raleigh Durham Airport Authority is looking for ways to put more than 2,000 acres of undeveloped land to good -- and profitable -- use. Authority members heard a presentation Friday morning from representatives of the Urban Land Institute . Here's what was proposed: a warehouse district area for distribution of goods a hotel office space We were a little underwhelmed with the proposal, so we asked WUNC listeners on Facebook to give some alternate ideas. Our...

The Christmas and New Year holiday travel season means big business for the nation’s airports. A report by N-C State and the Institute for Transportation Research and Education shows just how big aviation is in this state. The economic impact of North Carolina’s nine commercial service airports is more than 20-billion dollars. A lot of the growth has come in the last few years after major construction projects at Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte Douglas International Airports. Bobby Walston is...

Passengers who travel through Raleigh-Durham Airport will have a chance to earn rewards for their business.

Things will get really busy very soon at RDU Airport.

Michael Landguth: "Friday actually kicks off the busiest travel period of the year for RDU so we want to introduce a new program."

Airport director Michael Landguth says the "Thanks Again" program will reward customers who eat, park and shop at the airport with one bonus mile per dollar spent. "Thanks Again...

A brand new business-friendly route to the west has taken flight from North Carolina.

Announcement: Welcome to United Airlines' inaugural flight 194 with service to San Francisco. Gurnal Scott: That announcement was a first for Raleigh-Durham Airport. It opens another door to the west coast for North Carolina travelers -- be it for business or pleasure. Gov. Bev Perdue was on that first flight, but not for fun. She wants to link our state's business to Silicon Valley


Example of the image produced by the scanners

Raleigh-Durham International Airport is beefing up its security with new imaging technology designed to protect passenger privacy. The Transportation Security Administration is installing five new scanners at RDU. They should be up and running in the next few days. RDU's TSA Federal Security Director Michael Zunk says previous scanners allowed security to see a detailed image of a person's body.