NC Legislature

The State of Things
11:27 am
Fri June 7, 2013

House Gets Ready To Vote On Tax Reform

North Carolina Legislature
Credit W Edward Callis III

A panel of experts join Host Frank Stasio to discuss news from the NC General Assembly

A sweeping reform of the tax code in North Carolina is poised to move to the Senate. The plan would reduce personal and corporate income tax while expanding the reach of sales tax.

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The State of Things
11:53 am
Wed May 29, 2013

How Will North Carolina Education Change?

A student at McDougle Elementary School.
Credit Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools

WUNC Raleigh Bureau Chief and Education Reporter Dave Dewitt updates us on education legislation

  A North Carolina House Committee approved yesterday a bill that would provide funding to low income families wanting to go to private or religious schools Host Frank Stasio talks about that and other education-related news with WUNC Raleigh Bureau Chief and Education Reporter Dave Dewitt.

The State of Things
11:32 am
Tue May 28, 2013

The Fight Over Abortion In North Carolina

Abortion activists at a rally in Miami.
Credit Danny Hammontree

A panel of experts discuss the fight over abortion legislation in North Carolina from The State of Things.

Host Frank Stasio speaks to a panel of experts to discuss the fight over abortion legislation in North Carolina. Jessica Jones is WUNC’s Capitol Bureau Chief; Suzanne Buckley is the Executive Director of NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) Pro-Choice North Carolina; Tami Fitzgerald is the executive director of North Carolina Values Coalition; and Erika Levi is an OB/GYN and abortion provider in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The State of Things
12:30 pm
Fri May 24, 2013

How Will The North Carolina Budget Impact The State?

North Carolina Senate
Credit Government & Heritage Library, State Library of NC /

A discussion on the State budget

Host Frank Stasio will speak with North Carolina reporters and Senator Josh Stein about the budget and how it will impact the Triangle, Western and Coastal North Carolina. Jessica Jones is WUNC's Capitol Bureau Chief; Democratic Senator Josh Stein represents Wake County; Kirk Ross is a contributing reporter for Carolina Public Press and a policy adviser to the North Carolina Coastal Federation.

The State of Things
11:53 am
Fri May 17, 2013

Lawmakers Meet Drop-Dead Legislative Deadline

North Carolina State Legislature
Credit Dave Crosby / flickr

WRAL Reporter Mark Binker; Democratic Sen. Mike Woodard; and Republican Representative Paul Stam, Speaker Pro Tempore of the House discuss Crossover and give us a legislative update

The deadline for Crossover hit the North Carolina General Assembly yesterday, striking some bills dead for the session. The self-imposed deadline requires that legislation pass at least one chamber to stay under consideration.

A variety of legislation was pushed through this week, including measures that would reform the grievance process for fired state workers, allow health insurers in health exchanges to refuse coverage for abortion and a law that would ban the Muslim Sharia law in North Carolina.

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Politics & Government
5:08 pm
Thu April 18, 2013

House Lawmakers Pass Teacher Tenure Bill

NC Legislative building
Credit NC General Assembly

House lawmakers have passed a bill that would revamp teacher tenure in North Carolina. The measure has bipartisan support and passed 113 to 1.

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The State of Things
11:00 am
Thu April 18, 2013

Putting A Stop To Gerrymandering

North Carolina's Congressional District 12 in 1992.

Rep. Paul Stam and Rep. Deborah Ross discuss efforts for bipartisan reform to the redistricting process

In 2010, when Republicans won control of the state House and Senate, they radically redrew voting districts in favor of their own party.  In previous elections, Democrats have done the same.  Now, there's a bipartisan effort in the state House of Representatives to reform the redistricting process.

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The State of Things
12:07 pm
Wed April 10, 2013

50th Anniversary Of The North Carolina Speaker Ban

UNC Student Body President Paul Dickson introduces speaker Frank Wilkinson at the McCorkle Place wall
Credit Jock Lauterer,

The North Carolina Speaker Ban

Free speech is considered a hallmark of universities across the nation, but in the 1960s, that wasn't always true. At least not for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 1963, the North Carolina legislature passed a speaker ban, prohibiting communists from speaking on campus.

Students on campus bristled at the notion that they could not listen to anybody they chose.

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The State of Things
10:40 am
Fri April 5, 2013

Goolsby Defends Potential Racial Justice Act Repeal

Senator Thom Goolsby, Republican, is the primary sponsor of a bill repealing the Racial Justice Act

An in-depth look at the Racial Justice Act

This week the North Carolina Senate voted along party lines to repeal the Racial Justice Act. Also in the legislation are measures designed to restart executions, which have been unofficially on hold in the state since 2006.

Critics contend that eliminating the Racial Justice Act will prevent those unfairly sentenced to death because of racial bias from getting justice. More than 150 people in the state are awaiting execution.

Republican Senator Thom Goolsby of New Hanover County sponsored the legislation repealing the Racial Justice Act, and he said on The State of Things that the Act isn’t necessary.

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Politics & Government
5:50 pm
Thu April 4, 2013

House Lawmakers Unveil Voter ID Bill

ID card

Republican House Explains Voter ID Bill

Republican leaders in the state House have unveiled details of their long-awaited Voter ID bill.

The measure would require most North Carolinians to bring photo identification with them to the polls, beginning in 2016. It would allow residents to use a number of different kinds of IDs in order to vote.
Republican Speaker of the House Thom Tillis told a news conference earlier today that weeks of discussions have gone into creating this bill.

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