NC Comicon

PHOTOS: Comicon Fans Descend On Downtown Durham

Nov 13, 2016
Sarah Harrod of Illustrations and Creations by Sarah Harrod sold her products on Saturday at ComicCon.
Sarah Muzzillo / WUNC

Fans of comics, superheroes and cosplay gathered in downtown Durham this weekend for the annual NC Comicon event.

Tommy Lee Edwards

Comicons, or conventions of comic fans, are best known for throngs of costume-clad attendees and access to the industry’s best comics creators. 

NC Comicon


In its fourth year, the North Carolina Comicon is bringing groups of superhero creators, publishers and artists to the Durham Convention Center this weekend for a collection of nerdy goodness.

Some of the biggest names in comics will be there. And if that’s not enough, you might win a ride in the old-school Batmobile.

Jeremy Whitley, co-creator of Firetower Studios and the mind behind the comic “Princeless,” said this area is a prime spot for comic art.