National Flood Insurance Program

Flood Maps
5:00 am
Fri April 11, 2014

Have We Been Overestimating Flood Risk On The Outer Banks?

A preliminary projection of what areas will see gains and reductions in base flood elevation.
Credit NC Department of Public Safety

It would be easy to look at the newest round of floodplain maps and think that we've been wrong about the Outer Banks all this time.

For the past decade, the standard line has been that things on the coast are getting worse. Sea levels are rising; the shoreline is eroding; flooding is becoming a bigger threat. Flood risk is largely determined by a series of maps produced by the state of North Carolina. Those maps then make their way to FEMA, who administer the National Flood Insurance Program. Basically, the higher your risk, the more you pay in flood insurance.

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Business & Economy
5:55 am
Fri October 7, 2011

Insurance Disputes Create Frustration On Coast

Wayne Goodwin
Credit NC DOI

The North Carolina Department of Insurance has set up a series of temporary insurance assistance centers in areas hardest hit by Hurricane Irene. The centers are designed to help customers who believe they are not being treated fairly by insurance companies.

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin decided to open the centers after his office fielded a steady stream of complaints from customers in coastal counties.

Goodwin says many complaints have centered on non-existent or non-communicative insurance adjusters.

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