Jade City Pharaoh Season 1

Arts & Culture
12:20 pm
Wed December 7, 2011

Season 1, Ep 2: Where's There's Smoke

Credit Jade City Pharaoh


   Jade City’s hero Herald MF Jones comes to the rescue when an apartment building catches on fire. But was the fire an accident…or the work of The Beef Cooka?

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State of Things
10:33 am
Thu December 1, 2011

Season 1, Ep. 1: Jade City Pharaoh - Funyuns and a Coke

''That's one bad mutha...''
Credit Jade City Pharaoh

In the pilot episode of the radio drama, “Jade City Pharaoh,” superhero Herald MF Jones’ snack break gets interrupted by the villainous antics of his archnemesis, The Beef Cooka.

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