Jade City Pharaoh

Arts & Culture
4:26 pm
Thu January 30, 2014

Superhero Herald M.F. Jones Returns To The WUNC Airwaves

The Jade City Pharoah
Credit Luis Franco / http://francoproject.com/

Jade City Pharaoh was born of the imagination of playwright Howard Craft.  Originally constructed as a community play for the Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern, the concept morphed into a comic book. The State of Things host Frank Stasio saw the stage production and has turned it into a radio drama.

The main character, Herald M.F. Jones, protects the metropolis of Jade City, an American city with a strong resemblance to Durham, North Carolina.  Born and raised in the African-American neighborhood of Concrete Falls, Jones is a mortal with some exceptional abilities.

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