Arts & Culture
5:00 am
Sun October 5, 2014

Hip Hop Goes To Church In The Triangle [VIDEO]

True Settles (left), Joshua Weaver
Credit Carol Jackson

There's some innovative dancing taking place in North Carolina that's not on a stage; It's in a tiny basement-level space underneath the post office on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. Two young men, Joshua Weaver and True Settles, are teaching area kids the latest dance moves.  But when the class is over, the two crank the music really loud, and battle their friends. The goal is to out-shine,  out-innovate and out-dance the opposition. Battles can last for hours.

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The State of Things
12:05 pm
Wed October 1, 2014

Civil Rights Leader Takes A Page From The Comics

Cover of the first installment of John Lewis' March trilogy of graphic novels

Congressman John Lewis (D-Ga.) was once inspired to fight for civil rights by a comic book about Martin Luther King Jr. and his nonviolent protest in Montgomery, Alabama. 

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Business & Economy
5:00 pm
Tue September 16, 2014

Youth Radio: 'I've Never Seen Any White People' In This Durham Park, Now I Do

Emmanuel Johnson worked as a teen reporter during the summer of 2014 at WUNC.
Credit Carol Jackson

Emmanuel Johnson is a senior at Riverside High School in Durham. As a part of WUNC's Youth Radio Project, he reports on a changing neighborhood in his hometown.

I've lived in Durham, NC my whole life and I always walk past this park on the corner of Oakwood Avenue and Holloway Street. It's downtown, near the public library.

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The State of Things
12:00 pm
Tue September 16, 2014

Wowolfol Plays The Triad Theater

Durham Artist Rich James has like staying pretty anonymous while playing under the moniker of WowolfoL, but he's stepping out and into the light.
Credit wowolfol.bandcamp.com

Music by the Durham-based Wowolfol band is difficult to describe. 

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Business & Economy
8:43 am
Mon September 15, 2014

Shaved Ice And Syrup - Cool Biz Model That Employs Youth

Pelican's Snoball on Fayetteville Street in Durham, NC.
Credit Leoneda Inge

Economists and politicians say it’s becoming easier for most adults to get a job these days. But if you are a “young” adult, your story may be different.

Years into the economic recovery, there are still a lot of unemployed and underemployed people, which is slowing the recovery for young adults.

And in North Carolina, the jobless rate for that group is especially high. 

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The State of Things
12:16 pm
Fri September 12, 2014

Delta Rae Plays Farm Aid

Durham band Delta Rae is lending a hand to the nation's farmers and playing Farm Aid in Raleigh tomorrow.
Credit theriverboston.com/

Delta Rae has made it back home to North Carolina.

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9:36 am
Fri September 5, 2014

Durham City Council Wants To Require Police Officers To Get Written Consent For Searches

Durham Police headquarters
Credit Durham Police

Members of the Durham City Council are trying to address concerns that police officers disproportionately stop and search black men. Four of the seven members gave their support on Thursday afternoon for requiring officers to get a driver's written consent before searching his vehicle.

City manager Tom Bonfield has suggested officers should be required to get consent in some recorded form - either video, audio or writing - but Mayor Bill Bell says that overcomplicates things.

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The State of Things
12:10 pm
Wed September 3, 2014

American Tobacco Turns 10

Items from the old American Tobacco Campus.
WUNC - Hady Mawajdeh

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the American Tobacco Historic Campus revitalization in downtown Durham. The businesses and retail stores occupy a space that was once the epicenter of the tobacco industry. 

Host Frank Stasio talks with former American Tobacco employee Richard Clements about the rise, fall and rebirth of the area.

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Politics & Government
5:21 am
Wed September 3, 2014

Durham Council Members Want To Require Written Consent For Police Vehicle Search

The Durham City Council debated on Tuesday night to require police officers get written consent from drivers before being able to search a vehicle.
Credit Jorge Valencia

In Durham, members of the city council want to require police to get written consent from drivers before searching a vehicle.

The debate over vehicle searches stems from complaints that some Durham officers have unfairly targeted minorities.

Some residents and community groups say black men are often arbitrarily stopped and searched.

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Business & Economy
5:00 am
Wed September 3, 2014

LISTEN: Now 92, She Worked At American Tobacco When It Still Made Cigarettes

Annie Lou Andrews speaks with Phoebe Judge.

For decades, ten of thousands of workers walked in to the American Tobacco Company in Durham each day.  This is the story of one of those who stayed the longest.  Annie Lou Andrews is 92 years old. She is the second woman to work in a supervisory role at American Tobacco. She says her first day in leadership, you could feel the tension; the office was quiet enough to hear a pin drop. "I thought, 'uh-oh,'" she says. She spoke with Phoebe Judge.

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