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12:07 pm
Tue June 3, 2014

Investigative Report Finds Holes In NC Medical Examiners System

Credit NC Department of Health and Human Services

Medical examiners in North Carolina routinely skip critical steps in their investigations, according to a new report by The Charlotte Observer

Medical examiners rarely go to the scene of a death and in some cases, they do not actually examine the bodies. 

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Politics & Government
5:45 pm
Thu January 16, 2014

Doctors File Lawsuit Over NC Tracks

Credit NC Department of Health and Human Services

A group of physicians has filed a class-action lawsuit against the state and contractors who launched a new computer program designed to reimburse health care providers for serving Medicaid patients.

The suit seeks millions of dollars in damages. The plaintiffs say they haven't been reimbursed properly for serving those patients. As a result, they say their practices have suffered severe financial losses. Camden Webb is their attorney.

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Politics & Government
5:00 am
Thu November 21, 2013

State Auditor Beth Wood Points Finger At DHHS

Credit NC Auditor's Office

State auditor Beth Wood went before lawmakers for a second day Wednesday to defend her office’s audit of the state’s Medicaid program.

A new computer system called NCTracks that allows health care providers to get reimbursed for Medicaid claims has been operating since July first. But many doctors and hospitals have reported they’re not getting the money they’re owned, and the system has numerous glitches.

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10:44 am
Fri November 8, 2013

NC Seeks To Improve Local Behavioral Health Treatment


State health officials are trying to cut the number of people with behavioral disorders who end up in the Emergency Room. 

The Department of Health and Human Services says it's creating an advisory panel of health experts and patient advocates.  The group's job will be to recommend improvements at the local level for mental health and substance abuse services. 

Division of Mental Health director Dave Richard says there's apparent confusion about where to send those patients now that the state has moved away from community mental health centers.

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5:13 pm
Mon August 26, 2013

Durham Clinic That Provides Abortions Closes For Good

Earlier this year, legislators passed laws tightening restrictions on abortion providers. Droves of protesters rallied against the new law at Moral Mondays gatherings.
Credit Matthew Lenard

The Department of Health and Human Services found health code violations this summer at two North Carolina clinics that provide abortions. Now, one of them has closed for good, while the other has re-opened.

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5:52 am
Wed July 31, 2013

State Health Director Laura Gerald Resigns

Dr. Laura Gerald
Credit NC Division of Public Health

State Health Director Dr. Laura Gerald has resigned from that post effective immediately. 

A release from the Department of Health and Human Services said Secretary Aldona Vos accepted the resignation Tuesday.  Gerald served as state health director for the past 18 months.

In a correspondence sent to DHHS employees, Vos thanked Gerald for her service and wished her well on her future endeavors. The secretary also announced temporary replacements in the Division of Public Health

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5:00 am
Thu July 25, 2013

Just How Safe Is Abortion In North Carolina? It Depends On Who You Ask

Credit NC General Assembly

One of the issues still to be decided by the North Carolina Legislature before it adjourns is whether to approve new rules that Republicans say would make abortion safer.

Democrats say abortions in the state are already very safe, and that the new provisions would lead to clinics closing.

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6:27 am
Thu May 23, 2013

Audit Finds DHHS Did Not Fully Test New Computer System

Credit Tabitha Kaylee Hawk via flickr, Creative Commons

The state Auditor has found that the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services did not fully test a new computer system.

The DHHS system was installed to start processing Medicaid claims beginning in July.   Beth Wood's audit found that the nearly $500 million computer system was not put through all of its paces.  The report raises questions about the software and its ability to handle Medicaid claims paid by the state that exceed $12 billion. 

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7:51 am
Thu February 14, 2013

NC Health And Human Services: "Things Are Really Broken"

State officials say they plan to reform the health department ahead of their budget proposal to the General Assembly.  Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos told lawmakers yesterday her priorities are to overhaul the state's Medicaid program and improve her office's computer system.  Wos said in committee testimony aired on that she's cleaning up a department whose employees have filled out incomprehensible reports and wasted money through poor communication.

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5:10 am
Mon November 12, 2012

NC Has To Decide About Health Exchanges

North Carolina has until Friday to decide whether to build its own health exchange or let the federal government run one for the state. It's a requirement of the Affordable Care Act, which seeks to provide health care insurance to everyone. Al Delia is the Acting Secretary of the state Department of Health and Human Services. He says whatever path the state chooses, there's a whole series of decisions about infrastructure that need to be made.

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