Charles Darwin

Courtesy of James Costa

There is no doubt that Charles Darwin’s trip to the Galapagos Islands in the 1830s changed his life’s work. It  put him on the path to develop his game-changing theory of evolution. But Darwin’s observations were not isolated to one exploration. For years after his pivotal excursion, Darwin conducted unorthodox and innovative experiments to test his speculations, and he often did so in his own backyard. 

A Brief History Of Creation

Feb 10, 2016
Jim Cleaves (L) and Bill Mesler (R) have written 'A Brief History of Creation' to look at human's search for the origin of life.
Maggie Starbard

For centuries, human civilizations have grappled with the concept of the origin of creation and life. Ancient Greeks believed in the idea of spontaneous generation. Thought leaders throughout the years have altered the narrative.

Some argue a creator began life and others say life evolved from inorganic materials. Even Charles Darwin, the leader in evolutionary theory, did not have an answer for the origin of life.