American Tobacco Trail

Tobacco Trail
8:55 am
Wed March 26, 2014

How Dangerous Is The American Tobacco Trail, Really?

A group of police, pastors and park advocates began the process of identifying problem areas on the trail.
Credit Eric Mennel / WUNC

For residents of the Triangle, it's no secret that a certain portion of the American Tobacco Trail has an image problem.  Here's a selection of comments on stories about the trail:

We have been hearing about the high crime rate on this trail for a while now. It amazes me that anyone sets foot on it, especially in the Durham area.

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Rails To Trails
7:01 pm
Wed March 12, 2014

What Does The Supreme Court Rails-To-Trails Decision Mean For NC?

The American Tobacco Trail in Durham.
Credit Laura Candler

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court decided, in an 8-1 decision, that just because the government had been granted a federal right of way for building railroads, doesn't mean the government gets to keep that right of way after the railroad is no longer in use.

At issue was whether or not the land the rail line sits on should go to the property owner adjacent the rails, or if the government can allow other groups to use it for such projects as rails-to-trails.

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Business & Economy
5:37 pm
Tue April 23, 2013

American Tobacco Trail's I-40 Pedestrian Bridge Goes Up This Weekend

An artist rendering of the ATT bridge over I-40.
Credit City of Durham

Structural engineers will put a pedestrian bridge over I-40 this weekend.  Work crews will stay busy overnight Sunday to install the addition to the historic American Tobacco Trial.  The bridge is a major step in adding four miles to the American Tobacco Trail that connects the existing portion to a stretch that ends at the Chatham County line.

Ed Venable, an engineer on the bridge placement project,  says I-40 will have to be shut down to put this bridge --  now in four sections -- in place.

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2:16 pm
Wed April 10, 2013

Exploring Local Greenways: Durham Aims For Safety

The American Tobacco Trail where it begins in downtown Durham.
Laura Candler

Durham might seem like it’s crisscrossed with bike lanes and greenways now – from the American Tobacco Trail (ATT) on the southern edge of town to the North/South Greenway that picks up where the ATT leaves off in the city. But 30 years ago, that was not the case.

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5:05 pm
Thu September 27, 2012

Cyclists Seek To Make American Tobacco Trail Safer

Durham bike riders are traveling the city's portion of the American Tobacco Trail hoping to make it safer. Debbie West says it's a route she likes to take to where she needs to go. "I love the Tobacco Trail. I live and work near it," says West.

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5:40 am
Wed March 2, 2011

East Coast Greenway Moves Offices to Durham

Section of off-road Greenway in North Carolina
Credit Dave Connelly,

The East Coast Greenway Alliance is moving its national offices to Durham this spring to work on trails in the South. The Greenway is a network of biking, jogging, and walking trails that run from Maine to the Florida Keys. More than 80 percent of trails in North Carolina follow roadways.

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