African-American Literature

The State of Things
12:05 pm
Thu January 23, 2014

How Black Authors Write About U.S. Law And Race

Legal Fictions: Constituting Race, Composing, Literature by Karla Hollway
Credit / Duke University Press

Host Frank Stasio talks with scholar Karla Holloway about her newest book, 'Legal Fictions: Constituting Race, Composing Literature'

From enslavement to the one-drop rule to the three-fifths compromise, United States law has defined African-American identity. Duke University professor Karla Holloway is exploring how black fiction connect racial identity and the creation of law for African Americans. 

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The State of Things
1:00 pm
Tue December 24, 2013

Bringing A Langston Hughes Classic From Stage To Screen

Black Nativity is a Hollywood adaptation of Langston Hughes' gospel libretto.
Credit Fox Searchlight


Bringing A Langston Hughes Classic From Stage to Screen

Originally a play by poet Langston Hughes, Black Nativity makes its big screen debut. 

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