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10:12 am
Thu February 21, 2013

Gauging The Reaction To State Of The State Speech

Governor Pat McCrory Delivers State of the State Address

Gov. Pat McCrory is the first Republican Governor in North Carolina for 20 years. So, many looked with anticipation to his first State of the State address this past Monday to see what kind of governor he would be.

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Politics & Government
7:00 am
Mon February 18, 2013

McCrory's First State Of The State Address Is Tonight

Credit Governor's Office

Governor Pat McCrory will lay out his vision for North Carolina in his State of the State speech this evening. It will be the governor's first opportunity to tell North Carolinians how he plans to govern the state.

In his inaugural address, Governor McCrory said he'd like to overhaul state government and North Carolina's educational system, but he hasn't filled in the details. He's expected to tick through a number of topics, from education to off-shore energy exploration. And he's sure to have a big audience.

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Politics & Government
5:00 am
Tue February 15, 2011

Governor Delivers State of the State Address


North Carolina's Governor, Bev Perdue, gave her second State of the State address to legislators last night.

The Governor did her best to be optimistic, despite the specter of an enormous projected billion-dollar budget shortfall looming in the background. While she praised tough decisions that have already been made to cut costs, Governor Perdue said difficult choices will be required to keep the state in the black. Jessica Jones reports from the state capitol.

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Politics & Government
4:55 am
Mon February 14, 2011

Governor To Deliver State of the State

The Governor plans to address state legislators tonight in her annual State of the State Address.