Republican National Convention 2012

NC Delegates Wrap Up Week In Tampa

Aug 31, 2012

North Carolina's delegates to the Republican National Convention are headed home, after their big week in Tampa. Delegate John Steward from Union County joined thousands of fellow party members at Mitt Romney's nomination acceptance speech last night. He says he likes that Romney is not backing away from cutting federal spending.

John Steward says, "I really liked the fact they're not backing off the Medicaid and Medicare - the only way to save it is to reform it and they're not backing off of that."

In Tampa, Republicans are eagerly awaiting Mitt Romney's big speech tonight. Attendees at the Republican National Convention were enthused by Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan's speech last night and North Carolina's delegates were no exception. Helen Eckman from Beaufort County says she likes Ryan's promise that if he and Mitt Romney are elected, they'll limit federal spending.  She wants Romney to adopt much of the budget Ryan proposed in the U.S. House.

The Republican National Convention starts today, after being postponed a day due to Tropical Storm Isaac. And although it may be overshadowed in this state by the Democratic Convention next week in Charlotte, it will still have a slight Tar Heel flavor.

Dave DeWitt: Three of the ten candidates for Congress who are expected to speak at the Republican Convention are from North Carolina.

Mark Meadows is one of them. He's running in the 11th district.

North Carolina’s delegates to the Republican National Convention are waiting out Hurricane Isaac.

Today’s schedule has been cancelled, as the storm moves through the Gulf of Mexico. So North Carolina’s 55 delegates and 52 alternates have had to keep busy in other ways.

Wayne King is the chair of the state’s G.O.P delegation to the convention.