Pat McCrory

4:00 pm
Wed July 10, 2013

State Board Hears McCrory's Five Pathways Plan

Pat McCrory at a middle school earlier this year.
Credit NC Governors Office

Governor Pat McCrory is pushing a Five Pathways plan to improve education. The plan is broad and affects all levels of public education in North Carolina, from early childhood education to Universities.

Eric Guckian, the Governor’s Education Advisor, presented the plan to the State Board of Education today. He highlighted one of the five pathways:  growing “innovative learning options” for families.

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Politics & Government
9:59 am
Wed July 10, 2013

McCrory Threatens Veto, Lawmakers Insert Revised Abortion Language In New Bill

The office of Pat McCrory released a statement about HB 695 this morning.
Credit NC Governors Office

Governor Pat McCrory said that he will veto a bill that places stricter regulations on clinics providing abortions unless state lawmakers make significant changes to the bill. McCrory's office released a statement this morning saying “major portions of the bill are of sound value,” however he would block the measure unless the legislature amends it to include provisions his administration outlined yesterday.

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Politics & Government
3:29 pm
Wed July 3, 2013

State Senate Passes Bill To Impose New Standards On Abortion Clinics

Protesters gathered outside the legislative building to protest the abortion bill passed by the Senate Wednesday morning.
Credit Jessica Jones

A bill that would require abortion clinics in North Carolina to have the same building codes and standards as ambulatory surgery centers has received final approval from the state Senate.  All of Planned Parenthood's clinics in North Carolina would not meet those standards.

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1:00 pm
Thu June 20, 2013

Teachers Brace For Budget Cuts

Teachers are unlikely to see a salary increase when the final state budget is negotiated.
Credit Malate269 / Wikimedia Commons

As leaders in state government haggle over what to include – or not include – in the final budget, teachers across North Carolina are concerned about their jobs and their salaries. 

Teacher salaries in North Carolina have not moved much in recent years. Most of that has been due to the recession. But as other states begin to increase teacher salaries as the economy improves, North Carolina has cut teacher salaries by more than 15 percent.

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Politics & Government
3:29 pm
Wed June 19, 2013

Pre-K Hangs In Balance As Budget Negotiations Start

State Lawmakers are considering cuts to the state's Pre-K programs.
Credit Wake Smart Start

Republican leaders in the legislature are getting ready to hash out their own versions of the state budget. And the House, Senate and Governor’s version are quite different when it comes to pre-K.

North Carolina has long been praised for its commitment to high-quality pre-kindergarten programs. But all three of the current budgets make cuts to those programs, to varying degrees.

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4:57 am
Wed June 12, 2013

Two Teacher Training Programs, One Spot In The Budget

Teaching Fellows from Henderson County, NC.
Credit Henderson County Schools

Back in the 1980s, North Carolina had a serious teacher problem. There were shortages in much of the state, but the bigger problem wasn’t how many teachers, but who they were.

“We had a real need to raise the scholastic profile of candidates for teaching and also to increase the numbers of males and minorities in teaching,” remembers Jo Ann Norris, President and Executive Director of the Public School Forum of North Carolina.

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5:26 am
Tue May 21, 2013

Proposed Board Splits Charter Advocates

A bill to create a new Charter School Board has passed the State Senate.
Credit Dave DeWitt

Charter schools have been around in North Carolina for about a decade and a half, and for most of that time, the relationship between charters and traditional public schools has alternated between frosty and hostile.

“One of the fundamental reasons for introducing charter schools is to put an element of competition into the education arena and let parents make the choice,” says Baker Mitchell. Mitchell opened his first charter school in 2000 outside of Wilmington and a second six years later; he has a third opening this fall.

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Politics & Government
9:28 am
Mon May 6, 2013

VIDEO: Gov. McCrory Gives GOP Response To President Obama's Weekly Address

N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory delivers GOP weekly address.

Gov. Pat McCrory gave a national audience a glimpse into reforms he wants to implement in North Carolina.  He delivered this past weekend's GOP response to President Obama's weekly address. 

McCrory criticized what he called Washington's "weak leadership" and urged national lawmakers to give more flexibility and accountability to states.  He says he needs that kind of freedom to implement a different approach to Medicaid reform.

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The State of Things
12:22 pm
Fri May 3, 2013

How Does Money Affect An Election?

Host Frank Stasio and guests on the State of Things follow the trail of money.
Credit RambergMediaImages / Flickr/Creative Commons

The effects of money on elections and science

The previous State Elections Board's term expired just as they were beginning to investigate $235,000 of allegedly illegal political donations.  The donations implicate Gov. Pat McCrory and legislators from both parties.  Governor McCrory made the unusual decision of replacing all of the board members. 

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Politics & Government
5:45 pm
Thu April 25, 2013

Lawmakers Divided Over Commissions Compromise

The North Carolina House of Representatives
Credit Jessica Jones

Legislators in Raleigh can't agree over a bill that would revamp several important state boards and commissions.

Members of the House and Senate have worked to reach a compromise for several weeks over Senate Bill 10. The measure would strip many boards and commissions of members so Governor McCrory could appoint new ones.

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