An increasing number of families each year in the United States decide to have home births. But in North Carolina, having a home birth conducted by a single Certified Professional Midwife is illegal.

Republican Senators are seeking to decriminalize Certified Professional Midwife practices as well as build a licensing process for midwives.They've recently introduced the Home Birth Freedom Act and a move to decriminalize direct entry midwifery.The bills have received a lot of criticism for allowing midwives without nursing credentials to practice independently. WUNC's Capitol Bureau Chief, Jessica Jones, joins Host Frank Stasio to discuss the perspectives surrounding Senate Bills 106 and 017.

Lawmakers discussed a bill yesterday that would allow midwives who are not certified nurses to practice midwifery in the state.

Jessica Jones: Under current state law, only certified nurse midwives are allowed to deliver babies, and they must do so under a doctor's supervision. But surrounding states allow non-nurse midwives to practice. Democratic Representative Becky Carney is a sponsor of the measure.