Medicaid Fraud

 Beth A. Wood, CPA State Auditor

A state audit of North Carolina's Medicaid system has found that it spends much more on administration costs than other states of a similar size. State auditor Beth Wood says the seventy-page audit of the Department of Health and Human Services details how the state has overspent its Medicaid budget by more than 1.4 billion dollars. 

Attorney General Roy Cooper

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper announced today what he calls the "first wave" of ramped up efforts to fight Medicaid fraud in the state. Cooper says 18 people in 10 counties have been arrested in the past week. He says the total monetary loss to the Medicaid program from these cases is more than half a million dollars.

Medicaid Scammers Yield $53M

Jan 4, 2011

  State investigators recouped more than $53 million last year from Medicaid scammers.

Attorney General Roy Cooper says about half the money came from a settlement with drugmaker Pfizer after investigators found the company was paying kickbacks to doctors to prescribe certain drugs.  The rest came from a long list of smaller cases. Cooper says the Medicaid Investigative Unit netted 22 criminal convictions and 18 civil settlements over the past year.

New State Laws Take Effect

Dec 1, 2010
Susie, the burned dog who inspired Susie's Law
Laura Leslie

New state laws take effect today on issues ranging from video gambling and Medicaid fraud to animal abuse.