The State of Things Live in Greensboro

The State of Things in Greensboro

Each month WUNC's The State of Things travels to Greensboro for a live show at Triad Stage's UpStage Cabaret.

The next live event at the Triad Stage's UpStage Cabaret will be Tuesday,  December 12.

‘I Don’t Do Boxes’ Tells The Story Of LGBTQ Youth In The South: The Greensboro-based magazine “I Don’t Do Boxes” features the narratives of LGBTQ youth living in the American South and beyond. The magazine is developed by QueerLab, a youth-led media project that organizes workshops on media production and digital storytelling. Each issue of the magazine aims to explore what it means to identify as queer in the South. The forthcoming issue of “I Don’t Do Boxes” focuses on the theme “OUTlaws.” Host Frank Stasio talks with Nhawndie Smith, a coordinator for QueerLab, as well as contributors to the publication.

‘The Character Gap’ Between How Good We Are And How We Think We Are: From a young age, humans receive messages from school, religion, and society about developing a strong moral compass and learning how to do “the right thing.” But according to expansive psychological research, there is a gap between how good we are and how good we think we are. Author Christian B. Miller argues that although many people believe they would help out in an emergency situation, in reality most people in a group of bystanders will not get involved. In his new book “The Character Gap: How Good Are We?” (Oxford University Press/ 2017) Miller, a professor of philosophy a t Wake Forest University, explores the many forces at play in the decision to be a good person. He speaks with host Frank Stasio about his work on The Character Project and his personal reflections on being a decent teacher, academic, and overall human being.



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