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More than just talking about recipes, Splendid Table explores everything about food: the culture, the science, the history, the back stories and the deeper meanings that come together every time people sit down to enjoy a meal.

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Jackson Pollock was famous for creating abstract paint-splattered canvases, but he had a domestic side as well. "He was a man who loved puttering in his garden, gifting vegetables to his friends, baking loaves of bread and apple pie," says Robyn Lea, author of Dinner with Jackson Pollock (

How to take your picnic to the next level

May 8, 2015
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The picnics Jen Stevenson attends are more elaborate than just a blanket and a basket of food. Stevenson's picnics involve pre-bottled cocktails, dishes assembled al fresco and dessert displays on wheels. She is co-author of The Picnic and a member of The Portland Picnic Society.

How to cook artichokes

May 6, 2015
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Question: My mother gave me some fresh artichokes -- I have no idea how to cook them!

Recipe: Artichokes Stuffed with Ham and Pine Nuts

Inside the factory farm, where 97% of U.S. pigs are raised

May 6, 2015
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While doing research for his book Pig Tales, author Barry Estabrook visited a farmer in Iowa who raised 150,000 pigs a year. What he saw at this factory farm -- the way 97 percent of pigs in the U.S. are raised -- is a far cry from Old MacDonald's.

"[The pigs] never see the light of day," he says. "They never set foot on anything but a bare, hard floor. They breathe that poisoned air 24/7."

Growing pea shoots, step by step

Apr 24, 2015

One of the easiest plants to grow inside are pea shoots, which are really just the first stage of growth of the pea plant. You won't get the sweet peas as a result, but you'll have plenty of that summer taste, even in the middle of winter, because the edible stems and leaves are packed with flavor, tasting far more intense than any supermarket peas.

Also, pea shoots have plenty of nutritional clout as well: vitamin A, C, and folic acid, mainly. It has seven times more vitamin C than blueberries, and boasts beta-carotenoids and antioxidants.

Crystal Liepa

No matter what time of year it is, Elizabeth Millard always has fresh vegetables. The author of Indoor Kitchen Gardening grows everything from carrots to kale inside. She explains how to grow microgreens, sprouts and shoots on your kitchen counter. [Find Millard's step-by-step guide to growing pea shoots here.]


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In 2013, Tara Whitsitt converted a school bus into the fermentation lab and workspace Fermentation on Wheels. Since then, she has traveled more than 12,000 miles across the country, teaching fermentation workshops from that bus.

David Leite: You call it Fermentation on Wheels, and I call it your Fermentation Nation tour. Can you explain what that is?