Back Porch Music Sunday

Sun 8-11p

Back Porch Music with Keith Weston - a collection of folk, traditional music, singer-songwriter and the best old and new acoustic music.  Sunday at 8-11 p.m. Keith has been hosting Sunday evening Back Porch Music since 1996.

Keith in the WUNC music library with one of the Best of BPM Cds.
Credit MelShoots

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February 17, 2013

8:04 PM
Artist : Heidi Talbot
Album : Distant Future
Label : Compass Records
8:09 PM
Valentine’s Day Is Over
Artist : June Tabor and the Oyster Band
Album : Freedom and Rain
Label : Ryko
8:13 PM
Flash Company
Artist : June Tabor & Martin Simpson
Album : A Cut Above
Label : Green Linnet
8:16 PM
Artist : Kate MacKenzie
Album : Age of Innocence
Label : Red House Records
8:19 PM
Cry of the Whipporwill
Artist : Rhonda Vincent
Album : The Storm Still Rages
Label : Rounder
8:23 PM
Scarlet Town
Artist : Gillian Welch
Album : The Harrow & The Harvest
Label : Acony Records
8:26 PM
East Virginia Blues
Artist : The Stanley Brothers
Album : An Evening Long Ago
Label : Columbia DMZ Legacy
8:30 PM
Blue Skies and Teardrops
Artist : Mike Cross
Album : Born in the Country
Label : Mima-Mubo
8:33 PM
Wake Robin/Bravest Cowboy
Artist : Dirk Powell
Album : If I Go Ten Thousand Miles
Composer : Rounder
Label :
8:36 PM
A Horse in the Country
Artist : Cowboy Junkies
Album : Black Eyed Man
Label : RCA
8:40 PM
Artist : The Carbines (Tift Merritt)
Album : single
Label : self
8:45 PM
Artist : Laura Love
Album : Fourteen Days
Label : Zoe
8:49 PM
Marlene on the Wall
Artist : Suzanne Vega
Album : s/t
Label : A&M
8:53 PM
The Tannahill Weavers
Artist : Good Drying Set
Album : Leaving St. Kilda
Label : Green Linnet
9:04 PM
Friend of the Devil
Artist : Jerry Garcia & David Grisman
Album : Grateful Dawg
Label : Acoustic Dics
9:11 PM
Banjo Signal
Artist : Lonnie Hoppers & Dan Crary and Their American Band
Album : s/t
Label : Pinecastle
9:13 PM
Home to Carolina
Artist : The Grass Cats
Album : Home to Carolina
Label : New Time Records
9:16 PM
The Man From Tennessee
Artist : Craver, Hicks, Watson & Newberry
Album : You've Been a Friend to Me
Label : Barker Records
9:19 PM
Upstairs, Downstairs
Artist : Archie Fisher
Album : The Man With a Rhyme
Label : Folk-Legacy
9:21 PM
By Way of Sorrow
Artist : Cry Cry Cry
Album : s/t
Label : Razor & Tie
9:24 PM
Til Something Better Comes Along
Artist : Vassar Clements / John Hartford / Dave Holland
Album : s/t
Label : Rounder
9:31 PM
Gypsy Davy
Artist : Jody Stecher
Album : Oh The Wind and Rain
Label : Appleseed
9:36 PM
Gypsy David
Artist : Cliff Carlisle
Album : Complete
Label : Document
9:39 PM
I Will
Artist : Tony Furtado w/Alison Krauss
Album : Within Reach
Label : Rounder
9:43 PM
Crossing the Bar
Artist : Robin & Linda Williams
Album : These Old Dark Hills
Label : Red House Records
9:46 PM
The Lighthouse’s Tale
Artist : Nickel Creek
Album : s/t
Label : Sugar Hill
9:51 PM
Jamaica Farewell
Artist : Harry Belafonte
Album : Folk Song America
Label : Sony Smithaonian
9:54 PM
Artist : Davey Graham
Album : The Complete Guitarist
Label : Kicking Mule
10:04 PM
Wondering Where the Lions Are
Artist : Bruce Cockburn
Album : Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws
Label : Columbia
10:07 PM
I Have a Mountain All To Myself
Artist : Amanda French
Album : s/t
Label : self
10:12 PM
Paul Cezanne
Artist : Five Chinese Brothers
Album : Fast Folk Motional Vices
Label : Fast Folk
10:15 PM
Vincent Van Gogh
Artist : Jonathan Richman
Album : Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love
Label : Rounder
10:18 PM
Buckets of Blue
Artist : Polecat Creek
Album : Ordinary Seasons
Label : Yodel Ay Hee
10:22 PM
Hit the Ground Running
Artist : Maura O’Connell
Album : Stories
Label : Hannibal
10:25 PM
Love Vigilantes
Artist : Laura Cantrell
Album : Trains and Boats and Planes
Label : self
10:30 PM
Washington March / Waiting for Nancy
Artist : Bertram Levy
Album : That Old Gut Feeling
Label : self
10:33 PM
The Last Snowfall
Artist : Vienna Teng
Album : Inland Territory
Label : Zoe Records
10:37 PM
Artist : Loituma
Album : In the Moonlight
Label : Northside
10:43 PM
The Unquiet Grave
Artist : Solas
Album : Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers
Label : Shanachie
10:48 PM
Both Sides, Now
Artist : Joni Mitchell
Album : Clouds
Label : Reprise
10:53 PM
My Home’s Across the Blue Ridge Mountains
Artist : Carol Ponder
Album : Little Journeys
Label : Truesongs
10:55 PM
Take Five
Artist : No Strings Attached
Album : Take 5
Label : Turquoise Records


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4:59 pm
Wed August 25, 2010

N.C. Live Radio Show Part Of A Fading Tradition



Here's one good old broadcast tradition that's still going on. Every Saturday morning, musicians in Mount Airy, North Carolina, gather at a historic downtown theater. They've been doing it since 1948 when AM radio station WPAQ began airing a live show called the "Merry-Go-Round."

The program features regional old-time and bluegrass music. And today, the "Merry-Go-Round" is one of the last shows of its kind on the airwaves.

From North Carolina Public Radio, Jessica Jones reports.

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